How Internet CEO Moms Are Doing It All

Hey everyone! Mrs. HMMS here blogging about some big trends right now. These "trends" have proven they are here to stay. We have all seen them and they have become the norm in today's world: Info-graphics and Mompreneurs.

What is an Info-graphic you ask? It's exactly what it sounds like - a design that presents  complex information in a easy to view graphic. Anyone who followed the Obama Campaign this year saw their fair share of info-graphics. Social Media outlets like Facebook and Twitter have made info-graphics a must: you can quickly interpret data AND you can easily share. Also, companies are now looking to info-graphics to present internal data in an effort to decrease miscommunications. We suggest you jump on board and let us create an info-graphic for your business!

A Mompreneur is defined as a female business owner actively balancing the role of mom and entrepreneur.  (AKA Work At Home Mom or WAHM.) Mompreneurs are trending up in the small business sector, so much so that it is difficult for most statistic agencies to pinpoint the exact number in existence. The internet gave us the ability to be able to sell things from home. Thus, the increase in Independent Distributor type jobs (i.e.. Mary Kay Cosmetics). These days there are numerous magazines, support groups, and blogs dedicated to the Mompreneur.

Here are some other benefits of being a WAHM:

  • lower business expense
  • eliminated commute
  • flexible schedule

Here's the thing though, pre Industrial Revolution merchants and artisans ALL worked from home. They worked not in one 9-5 block but in little blocks throughout the day. They taught their children the family business by integrating parenting time and work time. Children learned work ethic and a created a skill by being given small tasks. We here at HMMS are PROUD to help any Mompreneur business by managing your website or  Social Media, and by offering data analysis or custom apps. Please contact us to hear a proposal!

(Shout out to for the official definition of Mompreneur and to via for the info-graphic.)