Instagram and Visual Social Marketing

On Facebook earlier this month we shared a Huffington Post article about the importance of utilizing Twitter and Instagram, particularly if your targeted demographic happens to be teens. In the past year the number of teens who stated Twitter is the top social site more than doubled - going from 12% to 30%. In fact, since Fall 2013 Instagram has surpassed Facebook as the “Most Important Social Site for Teens.” Other services like Twitter’s Vine and Yahoo’s Tumblr have tried to compete but haven’t quite been able to keep up as of yet with Instagram.

You may be asking yourself why? Why now after all this time has Instagram beat out Facebook among teens? We believe the answer to be the fact that Instagram fuels user generated content. While other social platforms do this same thing to an extent, Instagram has made the process simple. They inspire creativity and community in an easy to use app. The world is made of beautiful moments and Instagram users are capturing them for us - all you have to do is look! Brands are specifically successful on Instagram because of their “show rather than tell” approach to content. We urge you to join the Instagram community by downloading the app, creating your profile, then follow the brands and explore the hashtags below for some remarkable inspiration! As always, if you would like to outsource your Instagram management please let us know!