Why Your Social Media Plan Should Include a Blog

Why Your Social Media Marketing Plan Should Include A Blog.png

Our co-founder Olivia recently attended a luncheon hosted by the San Antonio Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). Now, if at this point you’re wondering what Public Relations (PR) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) have to do with each other then go ahead and fast track to filling out our contact form. If you sort of understand how PR and SMM work together, then enjoy Olivia’s notes!

The luncheon featured the following bloggers: Melanie from Que Means What, Tori from The Storibook, and Colleen from San Antonio Mom Blogs. Two streams of thought seemed to be shared by all three influencers: 1) a strategic presence is no longer optional to be successful and 2) your blog should be considered one of your major marketing channels. If anything, your blog should be considered the most important marketing channel since you actually own the entire entity vs. social media where there isn’t much recourse for intellectual property.

So, you know that having a blog for your small business can be powerful. Now what? This is a question we get a lot and where we are happy to assist! It all comes down to content and consistency. First, content – your blog is where you can offer a behind the scenes look at your day to day. Your blog is where you can build deeper relationships with your customers. Second, consistency - whether you plan to post blogs daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly you must stick to the schedule. Utilize an editorial calendar to plan your topics and include when you will share your blog posts on social media.

If you are already working with Hayse Marketing, then you most likely already have a blog. If not, please contact us today about getting started!